Llama Transporters

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  • Roxann Pilbin (North Carolina to New England):
  • Amy Olshewski Bowling (Midwest, New England,
    Coast to Coast): 231-527-5303 aobowling@att.net
  • Eugene Robinson (Southeast / Midwest):
    740-398-9598 erobinsonfarms@gmail.com
  • Randy and Barbara Coleman (NC to West Coast):
    503-310-9367 wapalpacas@frontier.com
  • Kim Kyst (North Carolina to Jefferson, Georgia):
    678-481-3759 kim@kyst.org
  • Dawn Shaver (Florida to Michigan):
    813-731-1523 momof3boys959808@gmail.com
  • Debbie Arendas (Ohio): 330-774-2513 llamadeb@aol.com
  • Sonya Salisbury (NC to Texas) : 325-668-8606 clarksalisbury@ymail.com

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