Lot 118


    ALL Aureano's Saucee Girl

  • about ratings
  • 283647
  • female
  • April 12, 2011
  • 11yrs 11mo
  • 12yrs 1mo
  • Aureano
  • El Centro Santa Fe
  • 4L&M Eco
  • November 2023
  • Four Ladies & Me Farm

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ALL Aureano’s Saucee Girl (bred female). A farm favorite because she is so sweet and feminine. A kisser. Saucee has had seven cria for us. Two of her daughters are being retained as part of our young female star breeders and a third is owned by Jerry and Carolyn Ayers. Saucee is a very predictable dam producing mainly black and whites with excellent fiber. Her genetics are quite unusual and unrelated to most everything out there. She is a wonderful mom having easy births and always tons of milk. Saucee’s cria from Indiago Merlot have been outstanding and all are very similar black and white tuxedos with silky fiber. We will be breeding Saucee to Merlot’s suri, big boned, flashy son 4L&M Eco in early 2023.

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